FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Wow, $45k--that’s a lot of money! What’s the money paying for, exactly?

It sounds like a lot of money to us too! But getting a signal on the air the right way is expensive. Our board has done a lot of research, and we want to get the best possible signal right from the beginning. Here’s our budget for this project: • LPFM transmitter ($7800) • Single-bay antenna ($1000) • Antenna filters (to eliminate interference) ($2000) • EAS (Emergency Alert System) equipment ($4100) • Permits ($150) • Signal processing (studio-side and transmitter-side) ($12,000) • Signal-to-Transmitter Link (STL) ($3000) • Tower construction by pros (including lightning grounding) ($7000) • Cabling ($1000) • Transmitter box (with air-conditioning) ($3000) • Engineering and legal fees ($3000) • Computer equipment (server rack, switches, failsafe internet, etc.) ($2000) Total: $46050. We asked for $45k because we have a couple of outside donations already set up to make up the difference. Once we're on the air, if there's any money from this campaign left over, it will go to our equipment depreciation fund.

Wow, $45k--is that all it costs to run a radio station?

No, the $45k doesn’t include any operating expenses (which include rent, utilities, music royalties, internet fees, studio equipment, insurance, and the like).

Does anyone get paid at WSYP?

No, not yet. We’re an all-volunteer operation, with folks laboring away constantly; we’re hoping that the fundraiser will allow us to hire a part-time station manager. A next step will be to hire a full-time station manager as soon as we can. With community support, we’ll grow quickly!